Will i have free time?

Three nights a week there are optional activities, dinner time is free, friday is free and there are three free weekends per month

What should i do if i have dietary needs?

Please indicate your specific needs on your application form and we will do our best to cater for you

What is the dress code?

Jewessence doesn't have a dress code per se, but there are times where we may visit sites or invite speakers who do require students to be clad in sleeved shirts and skirts that reach to the knee, so we do recommend that you either bring some with you or bring money for shopping in Israel!

Is it all formal learning?

We see ourselves as more of an experience than a teaching institution!

Our schedule combines discussion groups, outings, learning through meeting people and hearing about their lives, meditation, community projects and creative outlets as well as some formal learning.

I'm worried that i am not advanced enough for the program

The program does not require any formals Jewish skills, rather a real interest in learning more about Judaism and the Jewish community.  If you have never attended an advanced Jewish learning institution or school but you have attended a Maimonides or Maimonides like Israel trip and want to continue exploring, then we are probably the right next step for you.

I'm worried that i am too advanced for the program

If that's the case and you need a more formal learning institution with more full time or textual study then we are happy to help you figure out where to apply during your interview. 

You mention emotional health and well being.  What does that mean and are you a place for students with major issues?

Jewessence is not equipped to deal with serious psychological issues and that is not what we attempt to do.  People who need psychological help are not best served by us and therefore will not be accepted on to the program.  Emotional health means the basic every day skills that we all need to function at maximum capacity. School systems spend very little time focused on this and as adults we often find ourselves unable to deal with stress, tension, guilt, low self esteem and unable to assert our basic boundaries or speak up for our basic rights and needs.  We feel that learning these basic skills (to name but a few) is necessary for empowered living as a woman in today's world

Do you have more questions?

feel free to contact us, or ask them during your interview