We understand that joining a program on the other side of the world can be intimidating, therefore we want to reassure you and provide you with all of the information we can. Please bombard us with questions - we would love to hear from you.

Our Upcoming Dates

Jewessence is an 8 month program, get ready to experience your essence.

OCTOBER 16, 2017 - JUNE 4,  2018

 OCTOBER 7, 2018 - JUNE 5, 2019



$2,500 deposit upon acceptance credited for the last month

 $2,500 per month

$20,000 Full Semester 

Room & Board including 3 meals a day, classes, weekly trips,  monthly Shabbatonim & Pesach Experience as well as your medical insurance. There are many grants and scholarships available for students who need assistance please contact Tali Goldberg or Cheryl Soltz regarding making a payment plan.

Please Apply for a MASA Grant 

Tuition does not cover transportation outside of program hours, GED, laundry, class supplies, clothing & toiletries, snacks there may also be an additional cost if we travel to Poland during the year.


Jewessence provides 3 healthy meals a day.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

There are kosher cooking facilities available for those of you who like dabbling with cooking and you may request  preferred foods.


The schedule runs from Sunday through Thursday, weekends you have off and may do as you wish. Once a month we will have an group Shabbaton together. Our staff are available to help you set up your Shabbat plans as and when you need.


Jewessence is located in the heart of Givat HaMivtar, a mixed American/Israeli community within Jerusalem. 

Our home has a security code lock on the front door and remains locked throughout the day and night. 

Israel is a safe and homey place and thank G-D, even in the event of any compromised security situation, our location has proven to be safe. 

Should there be any compromised security situation, not only is our home equipped with a fortified safety room, we are also in constant contact with a certified national security and weather dispatch system that alerts us to any and all issues within the country and our area. They also provide up to date (even up to the minute if need be) advisory reports concerning the general safety so we are never taking chances with any of our operational choices. 

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