We understand that joining a program on the other side of the world can be intimidating, therefore we want to reassure you and provide you with all of the information we can

Please feel free to bombard us with questions

Our Dates 

Jewessence is a 4 month program

You can either join our summer session or our winter session

Our current session's dates are

June 18th - August 30th 2017

Our upcoming session dates are

(special session) - October 16th 2017- March 19th 2018

January 7th - March 25th 2018


We are located at

The Jewessence House
44 Sheshet Hayomim
Givat Hamivtar

Which is  a three minute walk from the Jerusalem light rail with access to grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacy and cafes 


The cost of Jewessence for each student is $8000

BUT we pay $4000 of that

Students who can pay $1000 per month.

There are scholarships available for the remainder and students will need to provide financial information to the organizations providing these scholarships

Upon acceptance to the program information on these scholarships will be provided

Students will not be turned away due to financial constraints

This does not cover insurance

Keep in mind that $500 will be paid upon acceptance as a deposit which is non refundable


Jewessence will provide 2 healthy meals a day

There are minimal cooking facilities available for those of you who like dabbling in the (kosher) kitchen


Programming runs from Sunday through Thursday

Once a month we will have an organised group Shabbat together

The other weekends, you are free to do as you wish.  Our staff are available to help you set up your Shabbat plans as and when you need


For those of you who do not have health insurance from home, our secretary is available to set you up on an Israeli plan.  This will be done on day one of the program.  No student may attend Jewessence without a health insurance plan. For more information Contact us


Jewessence is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood 

The door has a security code on it and there is a standard bomb shelter in the downstairs part of the building
When there is any compromised security situations in the country, all our students will be made aware of national security protocol and Jewessence will remain in close contact with the home office for security guidelines

Non negotiables 

We do not anticipate having to deal with these, because we are a mature and reasonable administrative body looking forward to hosting a mature and reasonable student body

But here they are for the record! 
No illegal drugs  
The building is a women's only zone (apart from teachers and maintenance staff) 
Attendance is obligatory unless you are excused 
You must follow security instructions including respecting the curfew 

We cannot keep students whose application information is incorrect or misleading

If you have more questions regarding the program, please check out the FAQ page where we have put together our most frequently asked questions and their answers