Tali Goldberg

Tali goldberg

founding director

Originally from Johannesburg Tali Goldberg lived and worked in Toronto and LA before coming to Israel 

"I'm a non profit junkie - I have been involved since my high school days.  I like the colour orange and chocolate is the way to my heart

"My greatest strength and weakness is my ability to think critically and I saw a gap in Jewish women's education having been through it myself.  Women need to learn to flourish and to succeed as individuals and whilst success is expected of us, the tools necessary to achieving it are not given to us or easy to come by.  I wanted to build a program where every type of woman could realize her potential and give back to the Jewish people in her way"

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Rabbi Tzadok Cable,

Halachic Authority

Rabbi Cable is originally from Miami, FL. He has been learning and teaching in Israel for over 20 years. Rabbi Cable ran the rabbinical ordination program at the Aish Hatorah Yeshiva for over a decade and is a renowned educator with a contagious and dynamic passion who inspires and engages his students

"I like getting my head around complex problems and dislike - raisins (in anything). Here's a fun-fact, once I fully restored a 1965 Mustang GT. I actually enjoy listening to classical music, that's something you couldn't tell by looking at me

"In my years as a teacher I have witnessed first hand the uniqueness and individuality of so many people. But for all the uniqueness and individuality it is clear that there is a universal bond between us. Deep down everyone intensely seeks to grow and be truly fulfilled. What gets in the way is that there are so many obstacles and challenges in this process. The key for me as a teacher and mentor is finding relevance coupled with the constant process of engaging the minds and hearts of those around me"

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Moshe Zeldman comes from Toronto, Canada, but that's not his fault. His studied philosophy and artificial intelligence before falling in love with Judaism. He now lives in Israel with his wife and 6 kids (oh ya, and 2 grandchildren), where he teaches Jewish philosophy (i.e. real intelligence), values-based leadership, and likes to swim in the deep seas of Jewish social entrepreneurship.

And he likes chocolate even more than Tali.

Rivka pesha alter

I grew up in Alabama -  yes there are Jews there -  and always had a thirst for adventure and depth. That dual desire has led me on interesting journeys to far away lands, both externally and internally, and eventually led me to Israel, where my soul soars and my passion for travel and experience is satisfied by an hours drive in almost any direction to a whole different climate. While I love to laugh and rarely turn down a good conversation, I am also quite the introvert - writing poetry and meditating in my down time, which you might not know by first glance and if given the choice, I would choose vanilla over chocolate (sorry Tali and Ilana). 

I love my life - even when it's hard it is still good - and I want you to love yours too! I deeply wish to facilitate the discovery (in each and every person including myself) that the lines that seemingly divide are actually ties that bind. Women's roles in Judaism are oftentimes misunderstood by the general public, as my personal journey can attest to. My hope is that this program will enlighten bright, young women as to the powerful role they play in their own culture, their own lives, and in truth, the whole world. 

Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Deutsch

Eli Deutsch is an acclaimed speaker and author who inspires and motivates Jews of all backgrounds to take a fresh look at life by presenting thought provoking Kabbalah ideas in a manner that is inspirational and user friendly. With a plethora of parallels and explanatory precision, Rabbi Eli masterfully articulates abstract concepts into practical transformative teachings, communicating the deeper side of Judaism in a way that resonates with the well-read student as well as the newcomer.

Rabbi Eli is a fan of innovation, connecting with interesting people, driving on open roads, and five shekel coffee shops. He currently lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, where he spends most of his time teaching, writing, counselling, learning, hosting, and with his family. Rabbi Eli speaks to thousands of Birthright participants each year, infusing their Israel experience with paradigm-shifting uplifting content.