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Will I have free time?

There are night classes/progamming a few times a week. While all other evenings are free, those interested in a GED/College program can use this time to go to classes/complete coursework.

Friday is free. Shabbas is usually free unless there is a mandatory Shabbaton.  We're happy to provide Shabbas plans for anyone interested on the free weekends. Due to Covid this is subject to change based on Ministry of Health regulations.

What should I do if I have dietary needs?

Please indicate your specific needs on your application form. While we try do our best to accommodate, we do not guarantee full accommodation to every dietary need that may come up.

What is the dress code?

Jewessence does not have a dress code, but you will need modest clothing for Shabbat and visiting certain sites, so we do recommend that you either bring some with you or bring money for shopping in Israel!

Is it all formal learning?

We see ourselves as more of an experience than a teaching institution.
Our schedule combines group discussions, outings, learning through meeting people and hearing about their lives, meditation, community projects, creative outlets, as well as formal learning.

Your Personal Development & Wellbeing:

Jewessence is an environment where we facilitate each student in gaining well-rounded and overall emotional health. Whenever necessary, we refer the students on in order to further assist that process. 


We find that everyone benefits from the tools we provide within the program and enable each student to garner the every day skills that we all need to function at maximum capacity. We feel that learning these skills is necessary for empowered living as a woman in today's world. Our program incorporates learning with holistic education.


You will find that the application form has a special section for you to fill in your psychological history, and we invite you to be honest and open so we can be there for you as best as possible.

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