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One of the greatest gifts we give our students is the gift of each other.

Women Jewish Transformation
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Judaism Women Organization

Our 125+ alumnae:

take part in monthly Zoom classes where the learning and connection continue

meet up when in Israel for Shabbosim, chagim and just for fun

engage on a vibrant alumnae WhatsApp chat

Jewessence members become family. And family is forever.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our alumnae continuing on their journey after they leave the program.

While Jewessence is an eight month program, it doesn’t end at graduation! It is a stepping stone to a lifetime of connection.

As our students transform to alumnae the Jewessence family grows and becomes strengthened. We regularly host alumnae programming (both in Israel and America) such as Torah classes, get-togethers, chagim and our great-big-Jewessence-BBQ on Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Our alumnae know they can always reach out to us (and each other) to share simchas, struggles, ask questions, receive support, laugh and so much more.

We love when our alumnae visit the Jewessence house and when we receive photos of  their meet-ups from all over the world. We reserve time to stay directly in contact with each and every student.

Jewish Transformation in Israel
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