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We’ll be there for you.

We’ve cultivated an unbelievable team of dedicated, caring, warm, sensitive, authentic and non-judgemental staff and teachers.

Our mission is to hold our students’ hands while supporting every up and down. We’ll be there to celebrate the journey unconditionally.

Jewessence Alysha Schneider

Alysha Schneider

Executive Director

Jewessence Shalva Schneider

Shalva Schneider, LCSW


Jewessence Ariel Miller

Ariel Miller, MSW


Jewessence Tammy Goldschneider

Tammy Goldschneider

Educational Director

Jewessence Miki Crouse

Miki Crouse

Programming Director

Jewessence Cheryl Soltz

Cheryl Soltz

Admissions Coordinator

Jewessence Penina Steinbruch

Penina Steinbruch

Logistics Coordinator

Jewessence Yaeli Pollack

Yaeli Pollack, LMSW

Social Worker

Jewessence Tehila Marmurstein

Tehila Marmurstein

Social Work Intern


  • Adi Bitter

  • Rabbi Eli Deutsch

  • Fraidy Emanuel

  • Penina Epstein

  • Ariel Fishman

  • ​Masha Goldman

  • Hadassah Hazan

  • Devora Levy

  • Rabbi Menachem Nissel

  • Ariella Schiller

  • Rabbi Brian Schneider

  • Rabbi Fyvel Shuster

  • Rabbi Yitzchak Shurin

  • Kelila Slonim

  • Rabbi Boruch Smith

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