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Below are a few reflections of the journey our past students and parents took with us.

“This year I managed to do things I never, ever thought I would be brave enough to do.”

“I really feel like I made life-long friends here.” 

“I'm sad I'm leaving this place. This is literally my [new] family.”

“Jewessence has given me a strong sense of belonging that I've never felt before.” 

“Coming to Jewessence was definitely the hug that I needed.”

“I wouldn’t imagine where I would be today, if it wasn’t for Jewessence.”

“I am stronger than I ever thought I was and I have more power to do more than I ever thought I could.”

“If I wouldn’t have found Jewessence, I wouldn’t have found that power within me.”

“I wish everyone could experience whatever I experienced.”

“All I want is for more girls to have this opportunity.”

“I love Jewessence. It was there for me when I needed it most.”

“Thank you to the staff who pushed me, encouraged me and really helped me grow and push past my fears... I feel very accomplished.”

“To the Rabbis and teachers: Even though we come from the same sort of background I've never met people like you. It has been so enlightening and you've given me hope for the future. Thank you.” 

“If you had asked me at the beginning of the year I never thought I would make it here. I thought I would have been sent out. I never thought I would be able to get to this place, this healthy mental state; of being able to move out, and start a life and live on my own.” 

“I have never wanted to go to class in all the years I've been in school; I've never enjoyed them. I can say this was the first time I ever enjoyed classes and went out of my own will. I sat there and actually listened and learned so much. Every single class was so inspiring and taught me so, so much.” 

“You helped with the hard work without any pushing or judging. I never got that before. That's what pushed me to change. Not you pushing me. You became a true role model.” 

“I am just so thankful because you taught me Judaism in a beautiful way. And you were so loving and kind. Thank you so so sooo much for everything!”

"I realized Jewessence is the first time all my basic needs were met and I was able to begin my journey of self actualizing and growth."

"I never knew you could feel so safe in your environment."

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