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Jewessence encourages individual, balanced growth. The education is experiential, discussion-based and relevant. We are not the typical Israel program- we are an opportunity to take time out and take account. Our program focuses on the personal strengths and unique talents of every participant. We offer a supportive environment for each student to explore her relationship with Judaism, overcome personal challenges, grow emotionally and develop life skills.



Our mission is to create a movement of healthy, growth-oriented and empowered women reclaiming their Judaism.

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How It All Began

Judaism Women Organization
Judaism Israel Program

We began in August of 2015 as a four month experience for women who had grown up in secular homes and were looking to grow in their Judaism while developing their emotional health.

Soon after we were inundated with participants who had grown up in Orthodox homes who were struggling as well.

We quickly saw that this particular group of young women had unique needs that were not being addressed within any existing format. We did some serious soul searching, consulted our advisors and Rabbonim and understood that we had a unique opportunity to help those who were not being helped anywhere else. 

Since October 2017 we’ve been working exclusively with young women from observant homes. We listened (really listened!) to what our students were telling us and developed the new Jewessence with them in mind. We are constantly growing and tweaking as an organization, listening to our students and alumnae to create the most effective program for individual and communal growth.

Women Jewish Transformation


Here’s the thing. No two students are alike and neither are their growth trajectories. 

If a student has dug deep and made positive changes in her life, it’s an achievement to be proud of.

We have identified 5 core areas of growth which have become the foundation of our programming:




Life Skills


These goals and their details are a life-time work!

So, what’s the takeaway?

We want our students to leave Jewessence with a newfound appreciation for healthy growth and balance in their Judaism as well as paying it forward and acting on their responsibility to spread these values to the greater Jewish world.

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