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Through our 8-month program we support our students’ healing process by combining deep inner work with reframing their approach to Judaism.

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Jewessence encourages individual, balanced growth. Our program includes classes, trips, volunteer opportunities and a Poland experience - all within a community of like-minded, growth-oriented individuals. 

Emotional and spiritual pain are often intertwined.

Jewessence focuses on addressing both aspects simultaneously to enable maximum growth.

We highlight the personal strengths and unique talents of every student and allow each student to craft a personal schedule that appeals to their interests.

Jewessence Transformational Journey
Women Jewish Transformation

Inside the Program


The Classes

We have a full weekly schedule of classes taught by world-renowned educators. Our schedule consists of Torah classes as well as classes in emotional health, life skills and creative outlets.

The education is experiential, discussion- based and relevant with each student able to personalize her schedule according to her unique needs and goals.


Jewish Transformation Program

This program is for you if:

You really want to grow and spend a little well-deserved time getting to know yourself and your strengths. You know deep down that you have your whole life ahead of you and want to be fully equipped to embrace and enjoy it but could do with some guidance figuring out your potential.

You value acceptance and you want to explore what that means with the guidance of well adjusted, honest, educated, and open-minded people who have nothing else in mind apart from the honest desire to help you find your own answers.

You have a desire to be true to yourself and you know you want more but you are not sure what exactly that means for you. You also know that you don't want anybody pushing you into anything because you're an independent and intelligent decision maker who just needs to understand more before you make a decision.

You appreciate discussions, depth, and being surrounded by like-minded women with whom you can forge relationships. You are seeking a group of people who will be your lifelong friends because you share the same passion and drive to understand life, Judaism, and yourselves.

You want to realize your potential, but you cannot quite work out how to do it on your own. You know that happiness and fulfillment are possible but need help to access them.

You love Israel and Jerusalem and want to delve into the richness of your land and your heritage, meet your people, feel genuinely connected to this amazing country, and perhaps even figure out what it is that you love about it.

Judaism Women Organization

Don’t take our word for it - talk to an alumna!

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