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October 29, 2024 - June 18, 2025


Housed in a spacious villa in Jerusalem, the Jewessence home is a place of warmth and vibrancy. (Did we mention the awesome view?!)

Tuition includes: Full dorm, three nourishing meals a day, inspiring classes, experiential programming, exciting trips, one-to-one check-ins, uplifting Shabbatonim and a powerful trip to Poland. 

Our dorms never close (even for Pesach) and are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Jewish Transformation in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Jewish Transformation


Tuition is $35,000 for the full program, plus a mandatory health insurance policy.


The actual operating cost of the program is $45,000 per participant. Since we recognize this is a huge financial obstacle for many families, we are committed to fundraise to provide an automatic $10,000 scholarship for every participant. Given the subsidized tuition, we are unfortunately unable to provide any further scholarships at this time.

We would deeply appreciate it if the full and total cost of the program is paid by families who can afford it.


Tuition does not cover: transportation outside of program hours, personal therapy/medications, GED, CLEP testing, YIEP processing fee, laundry, class supplies, clothing and toiletries, snacks and other personal food items.

The mandatory Poland trip is included in tuition.


We partner with YIEP and Davar Academy to provide the opportunity to get college credits via Bellevue University. Ask us about it or reach out yourself and mention Jewessence.

Jewessence classes have also been accepted as credits by other universities in the past. We will work with you to see if it's possible in your particular scenario.

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