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Jewessence Transformational Journey

Reclaim Your Essence, Rediscover Your Judaism.

A unique 8-month program helping young Jewish women from religious backgrounds on their journey of healing and hope.

“If I wouldn’t have found Jewessence,
I wouldn’t have found that power within me.”

This isn’t a program, this is a transformational journey.

Jewessence is a safe, non-judgemental and empowering space for young adult women looking for a balanced and whole-person approach to growth. Our supportive environment enables each student to explore her relationship with Judaism, overcome personal challenges, heal emotionally and develop valuable life skills.



Who is Jewessence? We’re a family.

A blend of dedicated staff, loving teachers and authentic students who transform a group of people into a connected family.

Hear it directly from our students:

"I always felt like the black sheep. Out of place. Jewessence took me into their arms and accepted me for who I was. I felt like I was a part of something – a family. Thank you for helping me start a new life for myself." 

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Jewish Transformation Program


A space of love, acceptance and a whole lot of growth.

Every student is unique and so is our program. Jewessence fills a desperate void on the Israel gap-year scene. There are dozens of seminaries for religious women. There are many programs for newcomers to Judaism. But there is no program like Jewessence.

Jewessence offers many of the perks of an ordinary seminary such as tiyulim, Shabbatonim, and Torah classes. But there’s so much more to us than that.

Here’s how we’re different

Small program size

 Life-skills classes

 Individualized goal setting

Poland experience

Poland experience

Individual weekly check-ins

Individual weekly check-ins

Experiential learning

Wilderness therapy

High staff to student ratio

Family-like environment

Emotional health

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"This program gave me a lot of acceptance and love. Even though we were encouraged to grow, growth wasn’t a condition for being loved. So for the first time I could love myself, while simultaneously putting in the effort to grow.”

Jewish Transformation in Israel

Your journey starts here.

Be in touch to learn more about our incredible program.

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