Jewessence is an eight-month journey in the heart of Jerusalem for women aged 18 – 24, who grew up in observant homes and are no longer aligned to how they were raised. 


Jewessence encourages individual, balanced growth. The education is experiential, discussion based and relevant.  We are not the typical Israel program, nor are we a seminary.  We are an opportunity to take time out and to take account. Our program focuses on the personal strengths and unique talents of every girl who participates. We offer a supportive environment for each girl to explore her relationship with Judaism, overcome personal challenges, grow emotionally and to develop life and cognitive skills.

Upcoming Program Dates

October 18, 2020 - June 10, 2021

Covid update: the program is indeed running this upcoming year and planning to start on time

Under the Rabbinical Guidance of Rav Yitzchak Berkovits shlita

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